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icons by the dozen.

keeping it simple since 2003.

15 August
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rules !

Comments are absolutely lovely, not because I'm trying to keep track of who takes my icons, but simply because it's nice to know that people like them, or appreciate them. So please - while it's nice to know who has what icon, I also appreciate a simple "thank you" or "these are awesome".

Please, please credit. After all, if no one knows where you got the icon, how can they find more like it? Just put dustedpixels or panpipe on your icon page. On the other hand, if you're using these as icons for a role-playing journal, I don't care so much about credit. I understand that sometimes you don't want something like that in your info.

If it's labeled as a base, it's customizable. And if in doubt, ask. After all, what's the worst that could happen?

affiliates !

If you want to be an affiliate, just leave a comment.

resources !

Harry Potter: teh_indy
Kelly Clarkson: Here. I don't know what happened to the site, though.
Pride and Prejudice (2005): undone_away
Firefly, Stargate, Doctor Who and Veronica Mars are mine.

I really only tend to use one font: Arial Black. And if I use another, chance is, I downloaded it at dafont.com.

I don't use brushes very often, but when I do, it's from one of these sites: studio brushes, damn apple, the magic box, ohpaintbrush, teh_indy, stickywicket, dearest, and jeweldicecream.